What is Touring Caravan Insurance?

Touring caravan insurance is essential to provide you with peace of mind when you are taking your caravan out on the road. This type of insurance protects you against the wide array of risks your touring caravan faces, whether you are towing in on the roads or are parked at a campsite.

You should not think of touring caravan insurance as an additional expense, since car insurance alone will not protect against damage to your van. Even if your auto insurance covers towing, it will likely not protect you against the range of risks your touring caravan faces. While this type of policy is not mandatory to have, unlike car insurance, you should still give serious thought to buying coverage in order to protect your van.

Touring caravan insurance usually covers risks such as damage from fire, theft, vandalism and natural disasters such as storms as well as from accidents while on the road. It also covers the replacement of your personal possessions subject to restrictions (i.e. very valuable items such as jewelry or antiques are not included in the coverage and need a separate policy). If your caravan is a total loss, the policy also provides a new one.